Tip the tipping the tables: Why looking great as a female server tips better

Being a waitress is one of the more popular jobs within today’s society, and according to the Bureau of Labor statistics the profession is looking to increase by 6%, that’s 130,000+ in American alone. Unfortunately this highly sought out profession doesn’t attract these numbers from luxurious pay, often times servers can end up working for as low as minimal wage. However, for what waiting lacks in base pay, it makes up for it with tips. The socialized norm within most countries is to tip about 20% of your bill, over a long busy day this can really rack up.

This being said nearly all waiting staff provide immaculate service, and with 2,300,000+ people already employed within the serving profession what is it that sets waitresses apart? What can you do to set yourself apart? Well, outside of service there is another factor that can greatly influence your returns, and that is presentation.  Surprisingly it isn’t presentation of food, or the table, but actually yourself. Yes, there is scientific evidence as to why looking great as a female server will help your tips.

As outlined in a study by tippingresearch.com waitress receive higher and more frequent tips than waiters. Furthermore these numbers were only consistent when they were serving customers (male) who found them to be more attractive. To add more proof, a study outlined in the daily mail proves that when women wear red lipstick their tips shoot up by 15-25%, and they receive more frequent tips, approximately 50% more. Oddly enough though, the study also showed that it’s not just red on the lips that provides bigger tips. Red clothing during the same study showed that tips inclined by 18% if the waitress wore red clothing. It would appear the color of love is also the color of money.  Many women also style themselves including their hair extremely well in order to impress their patrons.  Styling your hair is one effective way to boost the way you look.  Think about giving yourself a good curl by using one of the best curling wands is a very popular way to improve the way your hair looks.

Studies also show that it’s not just what you put on your face, but in maximizing tips it’s sometimes what you put in your hair. Dr Michael Lynn through her research identifies that wearing something unusual in fact boosts the quality of tips. Naturally, with most restaurants now making all staff wear a custom uniform there is little to be done with uniform, but there are few restrictions on hairstyle and accessories. To add to Dr Lynn’s research Stillman and Hensley found that women who wore flowers in the hair and made sure it was clear from grease and dirt by using the best shampoos for oily hair, received more tips from both male and female patrons. This is important to note because most other tips, such as letting down your hair, have no effect on female patrons their gratitude remaining constant.

So as you can see, the art of beautifying yourself to increase your tips has its merits. Simple actions as glazing your lips with a little red glamour, or adding a ribbon, flower, or clip to your hair can put some extra cash in your tip jar. Drop some extra buttons on your vest, or let down your hair, the benefits are there for you to see. So whether you’re in waiting for the long haul or just paying your way to college, take heed of these tips and your life could turn out to be a lot easier.

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