About The Black Rose Pub


Welcome to the Black Rose Pub’s home online.

We at the black rose pub strive to deliver the highest quality food at a reasonable price with a smile. There is nothing more important to us than good service and good food at the pub, and we focus our efforts solely on that. So far, it has paid off and we have a lot of great repeat customers.

We started our pub with a simple philosophy – great food, great beer and great service. While we serve what is traditionally called “pub food”, we do it with our own unique twist and make sure it is all tasty and healthy. You wont get a big greasy gut bomb here, but you can still get a tasty buffalo or lamb burger with goat cheese and arugula if you’re in the mood for a burger. We use only the healthiest oils when frying the occasional bit of food that we do fry, and we strive to ensure that even though we are using high quality, healthy ingredients we do it a great and fair price.

There is nothing more enjoyable than enjoying some time spent chatting with a customer while they enjoy their food and a nice cold microbrew.

If you’re curious, we take as much time crafting our beer list as our food list. We grew up in the land of great beer and love to find the perfect beer-food pairing for you to enjoy while you relax at the black rose pub.